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Lonza (o Capocollo)
Salame Lardellato
Salame Dorato
Salsiccie di fegato
Salame di fegato
Fegatino Piccante

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The quality of non-industrial food is strictly related to
its production territory and its history,
and to the respect that men have for
these latter two.
The Recchi Organic Farm works everyday to get
a perfect synergy between
folk wisdom and modern scientific and technical knowledge.

Fulfilling clean agricultural and food production,
in full harmony with nature and human beings,
is the commitment that the Recchi Farm has chosen, in order
to build a healthy heritage in which to pass on to
present and future generations.
Organic agriculture knows, understand and supports nature.
By now it is indispensable to improve the quality of life and environment.
Its epistemology is based upon the notion of biological balance
or, more widely, ecological balance.
Man is not but a blind and deaf exploiter of the environment,
but rather its keeper.

Here, there is complete respect for natural seasonal cycles of cultivations and normal rhythms of raising animals.
In the fields as well as the pigsties, in the poultry and other pens,
there is no use of synthesized chemical products.
The animals, always chosen for their predisposition to live in this habitat,
are bred without being fed any synthetic substances
to accelerate their growth, appetite or production.
Fed only with pasture produced by the farm,
animals are free to live in open spaces
where all their natural behaviours have their freedoms.
Nature is in no way forced to be anything other than what it is.
On the contrary, it is supported and helped to achieve
its cycles despite the presence, discreet and respectful, of man.

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