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Lonza (o Capocollo)
Salame Lardellato
Salame Dorato
Salsiccie di fegato
Salame di fegato
Fegatino Piccante

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"Environment", "Food”, "Quality of life".
These are some of the pivotal points in the organization of human life.
Giving these concepts a precise connotation
(clean/polluted, healthy/injurious, good/bad, right/wrong)
is quite difficult, despite the actuality of truth is usually
somewhere in the middle.
The means by which we single it out is mostly hidden
under several layers of bad information.

Quite often, standard agricultural techniques are mistaken
for the traditional, which are definitely healthier.
One tends then to the quality of different foods and
their capability to meet consumers' tastes.
Such tastes are sometimes mistaken for habits,
even those that areunwholesome,
in which many people indulge.
Bewitched by trends,
oppressed by the frenetic rhythm of modern life,
or deceived by a superficial knowledge
of food industry manufacturing processes.

Even trying to re-establish those ethical values
that belonged to our grandparents and their ancestors,
one ends with facing profit dynamics
that by now rule all human events
and that in fact have determined
a degrading of persons to the rank of consumers.

The Recchi Farm is a bold challenge against those dynamics.

Quite distant from common places,
the Recchi Farm,
produces organic food by choice and not by business.
It is the fulfillment of a loving and passionate desire
to preserve and pass on to their fellow men
the moral and material values of the folk tradition.
Creating, through the Galeano Park,
a meeting place between urban society and the local rural culture.


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